Pesach (Passover)

The appointed time of Pesach and its surrounding themes contain all of the foundational principles of Biblical Christianity.  In fact, the gospels and writings in the New Testament are out of context when read alone, and can therefore be surprisingly misleading.  The following series of articles are meant to be read in order, and are designed to introduce each of these crucial ancient concepts.   You’ll also find encouragement to honor Pesach in your own home, as well as advice as to how.   Further below is a verse-by-verse breakdown of Exodus 12, where the original Pesach instructions are found.

An Introduction to Passover

Cultural Appropriation and Passover

Passover 101 : Part 1

Passover 101 : Part 2

Passover 101 : Part 3

Passover is Just the Beginning

Passover : Timing is Everything (Part 1)

Passover : Timing is Everything (Part 2)

Passover : Timing is Everything (Part 3)

Passover : Timing is Everything (Part 4)

Pesach as Unfulfilled Prophecy

Pesach in Mixed Metaphors

Pesach vs Passover (Part 1)

Pesach vs. Passover (Part 2)

Pesach vs Passover (Part 3)

Pesach vs Passover (Part 4)

Messiah’s Pesach Week, From Start to Finish

The Last Supper (Was Not a Passover Seder)

Our Family’s Pesach Haggadah

Pesach in Paul’s Words

Exodus 12: Verse by Verse

12:1 The Name of YHWH

12:1 Denial is a River in Egypt

12:2 Renew a Steadfast Spirit Within Me

12:3 Immigration Nation

12:3 The Tenth of the Month

12:4 We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers

12:5 We Too Are to be Without Blemish

12:5 Come as You Are

12:6 Between the Evenings

12:6 Thou Shalt Kill?

12:7 Adam and Edom, Inside and Out

12:8 Flesh, Bitter Herb, Matzah, and Wine

12:8-9 The Lamb That is Pierced

12:10 Identity Crisis

12:11 Fresh Authority

12:12 Firstborn Math

12:11-13 Passing Over Didn’t Start on Passover

12:14 Everlasting God

12:15-20 The Week of Matzah Isn’t Really About Bread

12:21 Mishpacha

12:22 It is Finished

12:23+42 A Night of Watching

12:23 The Destroyer

12:24 Ritual is a Thing

12:25 Designed to Serve

More to come!