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I was browsing my old blog and I came across this post that blessed my soul, it was written November 2013.  I have so much to be thankful for in the life that Yah has shown us!  I wouldn’t change it for anything! The post follows:

Community and Family are becoming one and the same for us. As we continue to walk in faith with folks who are zealous for our King and willing to surrender all to serve him..we are continually humbled, challenged, encouraged, inspired and edified even in this world that is becoming increasing hostile toward Yah and His people.

I am very blessed to live in a developing community that is entrenched with young adults and children who are zealous for purity and family values.  This is VERY encouraging to us, because that is a great commitment and value in our own family. This would not happen of course if it were not for the parents who are deliberate and commited to raise their children in this way.  We are so thankful for those who have gone before us!  It is such an encouragment and gives us such hope for our children in a world that offers little of either, to our youth (and parents) today.

Our children are between the ages of 3-15 at the time of this writing (2013).  We have been so blessed over the course of the last 6-7 years to witness (and be a part of) a broad community that values Torah, Messiah, Family, Purity and living fully committed set apart lives for Yah.  We get to see the FRUITS of other families whose young adult-children are remaining pure until marriage.  It is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of!!! 

As I reflect on it – I can see that there are many things we have in common:

1 .We all have decided to live for YHWH (Yah/God).  To stand alone – if need be – for the truth that He had revealed to us through His Scriptures, His Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and His Messiah Y’shua (Jesus).

2. We all have a passion for Scriptures and studying them to gain a greater understanding of Yah and our place in His plan and willingness to shape our lives to fit HIS plan, instead of shaping our idea of God to fit ours. 

3. We all highly value family and faithfulness and have decided to cultivate a “family culture” as our core ministry and purpose.

4. We all have chosen to live modestly within our means and deliberately choose livelihoods that provide us the freedom to worship Yah and even to minister to others as a priority and lifestyle.

5. We all have learned to respect one another – even in our differences;  Be they lifestyle or doctrinal understandings.

6. We all have chosen to support, encourage and stand together – while at the same time we stand alone before our maker, responsible for our own walk/choices.

7. We all have a desire for purity, modesty and cultivating a humble teachable spirit before our maker and our brothers and sisters.

8. We all respect the role and responsibility of the Father/Husband as the head of the house hold and encourage him in it.

9. We all value, love, appreciate and edify the role of the Mother/Wife and encourage her in it as she “completes” the marriage picture and applies the many crucial gifts that Yah has given her.  

10. Most (but not all) of us have given up the things that people in our culture see as “normal”. Things like public or Christian school, pop culture, TV, pop music, pop fashion, video games, being entrenched in social media culture, competitive sports leagues, independence, personal hobbies, senior field trips, prom, teen dating, fancy cars, extracurricular youth activities that pull them away from family and divide the family in many directions, amusement or entertainment focused hobbies, etc… and traded them for things that we value more.

We are a peculiar people and we are OK with that. 

We don’t agree on everything, mind you.  Here are some good examples of things that may be believed or practiced differently:

  • Biblical Calendar Reckoning
  • How to pronounce (or whether to pronounce) the Name of YHWH (YHVH)
  • Living in close proximity and where we may meet for Sabbath.
  • Opinions on Israeli Politics
  • Opinions on Evangelism 
  • Lots of things … actually…..but we are growing in wisdom, not to let these “disputable matters” cause strife in The Body.
  • We may even disagree on the interpretations of some particular verses in Scripture and how it should be walked out!  In Christianity, pride and legalism causes a “church division” and a new denomination.  (As seen – by the thousands that exist today.)  We have all seen it and are learning how to humble ourselves so that we stop duplicating that. We strive to allow Yah to work these things out in our hearts as we grow in the wisdom of His ways and His character.  So that we may truly understand LOVE and walk in it with in the family unit that Yah has designed for that very purpose!

I am very thankful for the those whom Yah has brought together in our extended family of believers. Even though we KNOW that we are not perfect, we know that we are all His and we choose to encourage one another in the process of being transformed for His glory.  We know that we have been bought and paid for with a price and we are willing to give our lives in thanks.  

I am thankful for their zeal, passion and commitment to the King and to their families.  I am thankful for their contrite hearts and their willingness to serve their brothers/sisters.  I am thankful that they are raising possible husbands and wives for my own children – who share the same values and who serve the same King!  I am thankful that I do not have shallow fellowship that causes me “to be quick to leave the building” and get on with my day; I am thankful that we do not need to be justified by title or pastor or doctrine or require people to conform to standards imposed by certain people or church politics. Rather, one that is centered around serving Yah and His purposes.   I am thankful that Yah is knitting us together in His very unique way – so that we may be a light to the Nations…for generations to come – should Y’shua tarry longer than we thought.  

May Yah always be the center and may it always be so!  Praise Yah! 

In Him, Pamela

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