Creation and Re-creation (Yom Teruah, Genesis, & Revelation)

There were several requests to record this Yom Teruah teaching from 9/18/2020–so here it is!

The premise of this study is that the book of Revelation focuses on the Feast of Yom Teruah.   And, just as the first few chapters of Genesis highlight Yah’s pattern of bringing order out of chaos, the Revelation shows that same pattern with what Yah will accomplish “in a single day” on a future and final Yom Teruah.   

The vision to John wasn’t one long rambling and chaotic series of chronological prophecies.   It was 7 distinct visions, each one aligning (in order) with the seven days of creation.   The first 6 visions show how Yah will “divide, elect, and separate” the righteous from the world, in the same way he did at creation with light from darkness, heaven from seas, land from seas, and men from beasts.   The 7th vision, like the 7th day Sabbath, focuses on the rest and shalom during and after the Millennial Reign.

By organizing the 7 visions, we can more clearly see who the heroes and enemies are, since each vision provides a different perspective to answer questions that may be posed in another.   

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  1. Wesley and Norma Grant

    We really enjoyed the video explaining the chiastic structure of Revelation and comparison to Genesis. Thanks for all your hard work into putting it together.

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