Outside Resources

Tom Bradford is a solid and detailed teacher.   Start with his lesson on Genesis 1, and he’ll provide literally years of information and truth.

119 Ministries is video driven, and has many well-produced and informative teachings on just about every subject.

This is a great and up-and-coming Ministry that uses high-quality animation to teach Biblical principles.  They don’t teach the “how to” of Torah, but they certainly teach the proper spirit behind the commands very well.  

Brad Scott, the wonderful spirit behind this site, just recently went to sleep and is awaiting Messiah’s return.   He left behind valuable resources, including hours and hours of inspiring and funny audio teachings.

Restoration of Torah often focuses on the themes and structure within Scripture, which often sheds light on prophecy and truth.

Orthodox Jews (not followers of Yeshua) explain Torah and often dive deep into the language in ways that only those steeped in Hebrew could really understand.    (They use cartoons for us dummies.)