Psalm 3 – He Answered Me From His Holy Hill

This psalm is has dual structures one is a chiastic, the other is a contrasting parallel. In the chiastic, we are encouraged by David’s trust – Salvation belongs to YHWH. In his time of distress, YHWH answered him!

The first part of the psalm is written in negative language, the last part is positive. The switch from negative to positive happens very elegantly and purposefully in the center verse. The negative language is used to describe what David is able to do. The positive language describes what YHWH will do or has done. This structure emphasizes that we are not able to save ourselves, salvation belongs to YHWH!

Lastly, there is a prophetic element running through the psalm that reminds us that even in the end times, salvation belongs to YHWH. He will rescue us from His Holy Hill and smite the wicked on their cheeks. 

In Conclusion

YHWH Was, and Is, and Is To Come. Whatever battles we are facing, in this day or the one to come, YHWH is our shield and salvation. We do not need to lift our heads; He will lift them for us. We do not need to attack our enemies; He will deliver us. All we have to do is trust, wait, hope, rest in the faithfulness of YHWH.

I pray that you cry out to YHWH. He will hear you and answer you and I pray you hear the voice of YHWH calling you to His plan, His purpose, His kingdom. 

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