The Perfect Yom Teruah Song!

The video above is from a very talented singer/songwriter, Sarah Sparks.   Based on some of her other work (and the poinsettias in the background of the video) she considers this a “Christmas” song, and is not aware that the theme’s resonate perfectly with Yom Teruah!  To me, that makes the song that much better, as the Spirit of Truth had to be the inspiration behind it.   Halleluyah!  

The song is called “400 Years”, a reference to the gap between the end of Malachi and the arrival of Messiah as a baby in the Gospel of Matthew.  The hook is, “for the first time, not a silent night.”   She connects the cry of the newborn king upon his birth to the cry of the angels who announced it.  Eventually she referrences the blasts of the trumpets on Messiah’s return.   These joyful noises occur NOT on Christmas, but on the Torah commanded feast which kicks off month seven of each Hebrew year.   

As this feast is the next in line (coming in September) I wanted to get this song out to our community early so it can be a refrain around the world on this special and Holy day.   

Enjoy!   Thank you Sarah for your beautiful words and your wonderful voice.

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  1. I am still novice in my studies. Happy Day of the Trumpet. I think. I wanted to ask, do you happen to know what books have longer gaps inbetween them than the last of the “Tanakh” and the besorah?

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