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Let’s Get Acquainted

Over a decade ago we began the process of re-calibrating our family’s life to Scripture, rather than simply following the common religious traditions and understandings of mainstream Christianity.    Jesus (His Hebrew name is Yeshua) lived a life of perfect obedience to the ‘Laws of Moses’, which are the eternal and perfect instructions handed down from God, The Father.  We often refer to God, using His Hebrew name ‘Yah’, or using the 4 English letters YHWH, which are simply transliterated English consonants.

Just that last sentence shows the paradigm shift required to walk in the 21st Century as Messiah walked in the 1st Century.  It not a common lifestyle, but it is certainly worth the effort.  Especially when seen with untrained eyes, following Messiah can seem like a “Messi” life.

This site is devoted to sharing our insights and experiences in order to encourage others who are on this same path, as well as those who are quietly watching from a safe distance.