Party Pooper (Hannukah, Dec 25, & The Challenge to Walk in Light)

(Despite it’s name, this article is part of a series exploring the themes of Yom Teruah.  The connections of Yom Teruah to Messiah’s birth which will earnestly begin with the next article in this series.) A large part of why Yom Teruah is overlooked by Christians as the true birthday… Read More »Party Pooper (Hannukah, Dec 25, & The Challenge to Walk in Light)

Fecal Matters

I have searched high and low and have yet to find any teachings, “Christian” or “Messianic”, on the deep and important object lesson that is…going to the bathroom. Yes, I am going there. Pamela wanted me to post my thoughts more often, so… between the tasty recipes and… Read More »Fecal Matters

Sibling Rivalry

It’s sometimes hard to grapple with how a potentially sinful aspect of our humanity like “sibling rivalry” is often the engine of YHWH’s end game. Once we come to terms with this reality, it should affect our walk in a serious way. Take a look at this interesting… Read More »Sibling Rivalry