Eagerly Awaiting The Seventh Coming

(This article is part of a series discussing the themes of Yom Teruah, the Moed that kicks off the endgame of Yah’s plan for humanity on the first day of the Seventh month.)

The last article, “Why We Shout” boiled down the theme of Yom Teruah to “Yah’s Word manifesting physically onto the earth”.  This was illustrated with the prototype event of Yom Teruah, the shouting that accompanied the decent of the “10 Words” in stone.  Previous to that day they only existed as spoken words.  It seems like the thematic pattern goes even deeper—a Yom Teruah theme is hinted at every time Yah manifests himself physically into events in the old testament.   Bible nerds call these “Theophanies”.   There seems to be five of these Theophanies even before his most recent sixth arrival on earth as a baby (as the baby Yeshua) on Yom Teruah in 3 BCE.  

1) Yah physically walked in the garden with Adam and Eve. (Genesis 3:8)  The young couple, “heard the SOUND of Yah walking in the garden…” This not only matches the theme of Yom Teruah perfectly, but it also illustrates the endgame of Yah’s plan. On a future and final Yom Teruah, He will again arrive in the flesh and walk with the new Adam (a resurrected humanity) in a perfected creation.

2) Yah and two angels met with Abraham and physically ate a meal with him (Genesis 18:1). This preceded the destruction of Sodom and the rescue of Lot, just as the final arrival of Messiah on Yom Teruah will destroy the wickedness of the world.  His redeemed will rescued from that same destruction on that same day.  The Sodom story is also a foreshadowing of Pesach and the destruction of Egypt—but the first Exodus is also a foreshadowing of the final Yom Teruah.  “The days are coming, declares YHWH when it shall no longer be said, “as YHWH lives who brought up the people of Israel out of the land of Egypt, but “as YHWH lives who brought the people out of the north countries where he had driven them.” (Jeremiah 16:14-15).

3) Yah physically wrestled with Jacob, on the eve of Jacob claiming his ownership of the Land of Promise. (Genesis 32:22-32)  This interaction left Jacob with a new name, just as we (and even Messiah himself) are given new names after He enters the Land once and for all time on the future Yom Teruah. (Revelation 2:17Revelation 3:12)

4) A physical manifestation of Yah occurred to Joshua, in the form of a Holy Soldier. (Joshua 5:13-15). This “Captain of Yah’s Army” matches the theme of Messiah’s arrival on a white horse with a sword to destroy the strongholds of evil on earth, as Yah retakes the earth in His Name. In both events, Joshua (Yeshua) leads that battle, and it is won with 7 trumpets and a mighty shout!  (Joshua 6 and Revelation 11:15)  Like the prior episode with Jacob, this occurs in conjunction with the initial entrance to the Land of Promise.  As in the final Yom Teruah, all those who are marked by Yah are rescued (like Rehab and her family), while the walls and systems of man are permanently destroyed.  Joshua’s “Day of Shouting” occurs only after he leads the celebrations of Pesach, Matza, and First Fruits (Joshua 5:1-12). The timing matches perfectly.   Nothing subtle here.

5) Even after the exile to Babylon, Yah’s 5th physical manifestation occurs on a day of mighty shouting, as the king of the world (self-proclaimed) attempts to make the righteous bow a knee when the shouting and trumpets start. (Daniel 3:4-5) “You are commanded, O people, nations and languages, that when you hear the sound of the horn, pipe, lyre, trigon, harp, bagpipe, and every kind of music, you are to fall down and worship the golden image…” Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to bow, and are rescued from the furnace by a savior that appeared “like the son of gods”.  This is a replay of the “golden calf incident” in Exodus 32, just on wider scale.  The final and still future Yom Teruah will replay it again, just that this time it’ll be on a global scale. 

6) The sixth physical manifestation of Yah on earth is kind of famous.  He came as baby, if you recall.  He came into a dark and sinful world, accompanied by lots of heavenly shouting.
We’ll dive deep into this one soon.

7) The seventh and final physical manifestation will be his final arrival on a future Yom Teruah, in the form of Yeshua Messiah ruling and reigning for 1000 years.

When the full scope of Yah’s plan is laid out with the themes of Yom Teruah in mind, it seems like we aren’t only waiting for the second coming of Messiah, but we are also waiting for the seventh coming of Yah, physically manifested on the earth.  

That is worth shouting about!

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