In the Beginning God Created…Twice?

Genesis 1 and 2 provide two accounts of creation. Study of these two accounts reveals chiastic and parallel structures that support and highlight distinct ideas.

In fact, these are not two separate creation stories, but one story told with different purposes. The first account describes the when and how of creation. The second explains why. 

Although each account highlights different aspects of creation, both narratives point to YHWH’s covenant with His people. The first account points to the mo’edim and Shabbat. The second account points to His commands. 

A fun additional thought: in these accounts we have two sets of three structures. Two is the number of multiplicity and three is the number of life. These accounts tell us about abundant life available in YHWH’s creation. 

The creation story is deep, multifaceted, and beautiful. It is meant to be read, reread, and meditated upon for a lifetime. Structure is just one lens we can look through, but I hope you have find it helpful and interesting. 

I pray through this study you hear the voice of YHWH call you to His way, His purpose, His kingdom.

You can find the full PDF study here:

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