Psalm 4 – Be Angry and Sin Not

This short psalm is wonderfully complex! One of my favorite phrases in Scripture is “the manifold wisdom of YHWH.” Manifold. Many folds. Imagine the words and letters you are reading unfolding as you read, revealing deeper and deeper meaning. Psalm 4 is a great introduction to the Manifold Wisdom of YHWH! Get comfortable, get a pencil, and get ready to dig in! 

In the structural analysis we examined the center verse:

*4: Be angry and do not sin; 

ponder in your own hearts, on your beds, and be silent

By examining the original words used and the ideas in parallel, a possible alternate translation would be:

Although you tremble with strong emotion, be still and wait.

We connected this verse with Ephesians 4:26, examining how Paul used this verse from Psalms to encourage and instruct new believers in how to walk worthy of their calling.

In the complex analysis we explored what is means to be “set apart” according to this psalm. We analyzed the connections in Exodus which define us as a specific people set apart from Egypt and the nations.

Finally, in the interpretive analysis we considered the connections of this psalm to the Aaronic Blessing. YHWH will shine His face on us and write His name on foreheads.

In Conclusion

We are a set apart people. Separate. Different. Although we roil with emotion, our trust is in YHWH and so we wait. We wait for Him to shine His face on us. We wait for Him to write His name on our foreheads. This is how the nations know He is our God, and we are His people.

I pray that you wait on YHWH and allow Him to shine His face on you. I pray that you hear the voice of YHWH calling you to His plan, His purpose, His kingdom. 


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