Save Me Oh YHWH!

Psalms are traditionally read on Pesach. I have stepped outside our order of study to examine this beautiful psalm about ransom, repentance, and prophesy of Yashua’s death. Perfect for Pesach. 

We first look at the parallel structure of the psalm. Themes such as floods, ransom, and repentace of the first half repeat in the second, in the same order. It ends with David offering his praise and thanksgiving for the fulfillment of past and future promises. This shows David’s trust in YHWH to do all that He has said. 

Secondly, the psalm is heavy with Messianic prophesy, especially the crucifixion. We compare David’s words in his time of distress with Yashua’s words on the stake. In this comparison, we find a break in the pattern that reveals a deeper truth about our walk with YHWH – do we want justice or mercy?

In Conclusion

When we are separated from YHWH, we should be overcome by our distress. But through His mercy, YHWH can draw us near again. This idea is reinforced by the connection between the flood and Pesach that Ben has explored. Although we are overcome, YHWH has a way for us to find our way back. All we have to do is walk through the door.

I pray that you cry out to YHWH. He will hear you and answer you and I pray you hear the voice of YHWH calling you to His plan, His purpose, His kingdom.  

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