Shout, Israel! Shout!

The Day of YaHuWaH begins as the sun silently sets. 

Each seventh month, as is the Sabbath day, a seal of His faithfulness.

While the moon remains yet unborn, a long-ignored sign remains. 

Greater and lesser lights absent, the full spectacle now revealed. 

In the darkness, the promise to Abraham remains fixed in the shimmering stars. 

Each point like a grain on the shore, poised to inherit His blessing.

Celestial witnesses to YaHuWaH’s everlasting and enduring love. 

Today, Yeshurun, His beloved Segulah, will meet Him in this very sky.  

Dawn’s glow offers mankind’s last hope, yet they remain asleep. 

And as they awake to routine, they know not the time nor the hour.  

The world spins, ever tipsy, while the graves of the righteous tremble. 

Full circle, the sun has kept its pace, and arrives again in the west.

Trials and tribulations have met their end, wars and rumors will cease.

A woman appears, the moon subtly revealed beneath her feet. 

Holy light her only garment, twelve stars as a royal diadem. 

From earth, our shofars sound, heralding the coming of our king. 

Heavenly hosts return that shout, as in the final push of the longest labor. 

It is just as it was on that hopeful day of the very birth of glory.

A Bethlehem eve as angels sang of peace to both shepherd and flock.  

This last seventh trumpet blast breathes life into His firstborn.

A nation born again with a single collective inhale, once and for all.

A baby crying out with its first breath, exhaling, made one in worship. 

Both the firmament and the earth finally reveal their treasure.

His betrothed, dressed to meet her savior in victory. 

The Kingdom has come to earth as it is in Heaven.

Rich soil, which once formed Adam, is again a garden tended by a new man.

Sodom’s low legacy of self now cleansed, transformed into an oasis of life.  

Borders long disputed, inherited and settled by those to whom it was given.

At last, the adversary bound, his lies silent, his whispers muted. 

Sleeping are the wolf and lamb, leopard and goat, lion and fatted calf.  

His throne of glory established for a thousand years.

Israel will rule and reign, our Messiah wields his rod of iron. 

A perfect shalom that passes all understanding, perfectly understood.

This, Israel, is why we blow.  This, Israel, is why we shout on Yom Teruah.

Mysterious commands in ancient texts are not our only cause.

If rocks would cry out, surely even hearts of stone can muster a desperate whimper.

This is not a day to be solemn and reflective.  Today we magnify His Holy name. 

HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah

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